The history of Château des Plassons

Discover the fascinating history of Château des Plassons, a rich heritage that spans the centuries. From its origins to its current role, each chapter of our history is imbued with tradition and innovation.

A château built in the 16th century

The Episcopal Splendor

Château des Plassons, established in the 16th century, has seen many noble families pass through its halls, including the Guy Bouchard, De la Jarre, and de Gastebois families. These families have left their mark, as evidenced by the coat of arms carved on one of the main doors. However, a significant period in its history is when it became a property of the bishops of Aubeterre. These bishops, with their influence and wealth, contributed to the preservation and beautification of the château, reinforcing its central role in the region.

The coat of arms of the château

Fragmentation and development of the vineyard

Over time, the vast estate of the château underwent fragmentation. This led to the creation of vineyards directly in front of the château, symbolizing the viticultural wealth of the estate. These vineyards produced wines of exceptional quality, reflecting the unique combination of terroir and the expertise of the winemakers of the time.

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The property expanded in the 20th century

The Hennessy Wings

When Jean Hennessy acquired the estate in the early 20th century, he saw the potential for expansion and modernization. He undertook to add wings to the château, giving it renewed elegance and grandeur. These extensions were not just aesthetic; they symbolized Jean Hennessy’s ambition to make Château des Plassons a major player in the wine production of the region.

Modernity and Tradition

Jean Hennessy, with his forward-thinking vision, introduced significant innovations to the estate. He installed 23 cement vats, inspired by the Hauteneuve model. These vats, combined with two 11HLV Charentais stills, not only improved wine production but also strengthened the property’s distinctive character, marking a turning point in the château’s history.

The Essence of Terroir

Château des Plassons is nestled in an exceptional terroir, characterized by a combination of soils rich in argilo-siliceous deposits and active limestone. Furthermore, the low summer rainfall and thick soils help maintain significant water reserves, promoting vine growth. These factors, combined with the generous sunshine of the region, contribute to producing exceptionally high-quality grapes, which are then transformed into fine and long-lasting eaux-de-vie, typical of the Bons Bois.

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The Pannaud family takes over Château des Plassons

A New Chapter

In 2008, the Pannaud family, carrying with them the passion for viticulture inherited from their family, took over Château des Plassons. They saw immense potential in this estate and decided to abandon their respective careers to fully dedicate themselves to this new adventure.

The family’s center of activity

Under the direction of the Pannaud brothers, the château has become much more than a mere historic residence. It has become the center of activity for the family’s wine productions. While respecting and preserving the historic environment of the château, they introduced modern elements, such as two new 25HLV stills and tanks, significantly increasing production capacity.

A Promising Future

The Pannaud family has worked tirelessly to increase the recognition of Cognac Château des Plassons. With exports to numerous countries and a forward-looking vision, they continue to value this historic estate while propelling it onto the international stage.