Château des Plassons Products

Heritage and Devotion

The soul of Château des Plassons lies in its fidelity to tradition. Each product reflects a centuries-old heritage, a craftsmanship passed down with passion.

A Journey Through the Centuries

In the heart of Château des Plassons’ lands, the vine thrives, nourished by a rich history and generous soil. Our products, carefully crafted, are the result of a constant quest for excellence. They embody the soul of an estate where each generation has contributed to the legacy, strengthening our commitment to quality and authenticity. When you taste our spirits, you not only experience the richness of their flavors but also the history and passion that have shaped them

A Quest for Excellence

At Château des Plassons, tradition is at the heart of our production process. For our cognacs, we use ancient distillation methods with copper stills, ensuring unmatched purity and aromatic complexity. Aging takes place in carefully selected oak barrels, allowing each eau-de-vie to express its unique character. For our pineaux, the delicate fusion of grape must and cognac eau-de-vie is carried out with precision, offering a perfect harmony between sweetness and power. Each step reflects our commitment to authenticity and quality, honoring techniques passed down from generation to generation.

The Essence of Our Terroir

At Château des Plassons, we believe that true quality cannot be compromised. That’s why we are committed to offering products that reflect the best of what our terroir has to offer while respecting the traditional methods that have made us renowned.

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